Wisconsin Bow Hunter Hits Mark with Latest Kindle Book

Bow Hunting: Whitetail Tactics is released just in time for archery season, which opens on Sept 15th in Wisconsin, and this book will teach you the ins and outs of bow hunting, a sport that is becoming more popular, in a new Kindle eBook at Amazon.com.

Solon Springs, Wisconsin 9/9/2012 – When Andrew Saari bought his wife a Kindle as a Christmas gift last year, he never dreamed he would be reading his books on it. But, a lack of deer hunting books led him to create his own. Now, his third book, “Bow Hunting: Whitetail Tactics,” was just released weeks before the beginning of Wisconsin’s Bow Hunting season, which opens September 15th.

This bow hunter’s resource provides the novice and experienced hunter with tips, tricks and hunting strategies they otherwise might never have thought of. Everything from how to shoot a bow to deer tracking, and advanced bow hunting techniques are covered.

The Wisconsin hunter has set his sights, and aims for a share of the Kindle market. Andrew Saari began writing his first book, “How to Hunt Deer: Whitetail Tactics” early in 2012, when the book was published on Kindle, as well as in paperback. He was pleasantly surprised when people began buying it, and Andrew was even more motivated to write.

This was in February when even the most diehard hunters were usually at home in front of the fire, a time when hunting is usually far from anyone’s mind. Saari was encouraged, and able to write and publish a second book, “Deer Hunting Guide: Whitetail Tactics,” a few months later. Now, after publishing his third book, “Bow Hunting: Whitetail Tactics,” all three books are moving up the Kindle sales charts, and Andrew Saari has time to go hunting.

The Amazon Kindle is a series of e-book readers now in its fifth generation. Amazon Kindle eReaders enable users to shop for, download, browse and read e-books, newspapers, magazines, blogs and other digital media via wireless networking. “Ebooks are the wave of the future,” predicts Saari. “Even though I’ve got all three books out in paperback, as well as the Kindle format, the Kindle format outsells the others by nearly a three to one margin. You don’t even need a Kindle to read a Kindle book. You can read them on your computer, tablet or even on your Smartphone. And, delivery is instant. No more waiting for a book to arrive in the mail,” states Saari.

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